Baklava | Basics with Babish

Birt 15 okt 2020
Today, we're delving into a honey-soaked dessert that spans cultures and continents: baklava. A flaky, layered pastry of nuts, honey, and butter, I'm sorry I can't type anymore I'm actively drooling.
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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  • Hope your left ear enjoyed this episode! My bad 😬

    • i really thought my earbuds were broken

    • Yo, I hate ASMR, but this made both ears tingle pleasantly for the entire time . . . this has never happened to me O.o

    • @Lektrolind same lol, idc I’ll enjoy regardless

    • I only ever use my left earbuds so I was very confused as to what was meant by this 😂

    • I dont think I like this format. Not the audio but the format of the video

  • How do we convince Babish to make a video for Potatoes & Molasses from Over the Garden Wall? It would be perfect for fall feels~

  • boris wont approve of this

  • nice, i only have my right earbud working

  • Babish unleashing his inner babushka? 😅

  • Here we find the intersection of Life of Boris viewers and BWB viewers.

  • I listen to/watch these at work and I was so confused when I couldn't hear the commentary since I listen one ear at a time and had my right headphone in.

  • Boris did it better...

  • Your panning is cancer in my headphones

  • why don,t you make dorayaki from doraemon

  • Can you pleasssseeeee make the samosas from The Tiger Hunter? P

  • clotted cream goes well with baklava


  • I really wanted to recommend a Turkish film just to see you make a binging episode with your own filo. perhaps if this comment gets enough likes.... 🤭🇹🇷

  • No one: Babish: "On your left"

  • Weird you became a different kind of poacher bwb

  • I think the sound problem means we need to request things for Binging that involve filo.


  • Chocolate baklava any other Turkish fellows confused

  • Do hannibals fish jello thing from the show

  • I subbed agave for honey and it was great (and thus I didn't die from honey)

  • It would be perfect if it turns out Life of Boris messed up his Baklava episode so that it came out the right ear only. Then, we could get the crossover episode we all want but will never get.

  • ı am from city a Gaziantep Gaziantep metropolitan city of gastronomi and baklava

  • Mr.MixyChoppy🥺😂

  • wait a minute has anyone recommended The Sandwich from TF2?????

  • Gyoza from DoroHeDoro

  • Please do "haggis" from Samurai Jack

  • Is deaf in right ear: “time for a perfectly normal episode of babish”

  • Loving the lofi


  • I would love to see if you could make the Seafood Cake from Parappa the Rapper. Cheep Cheap the Rapping Chicken's recipe is...unique

  • Can you do Magnemite Croquetes from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire? Or a Chili Dog that looks similar to the ones from Sonic Unleashed or Sonic & The Black Knight? Or, also from Unleashed, the Chocolate Chip Sundae Supreme? Or almost anything from Sonic Unleashed, honestly.


  • Hi Mr.Andrew Rea can you please make a video teaching how to make the Kunafah, it is an Arabian Sweet and I don't know how to make it and I always refer to your recipe so please read this comment and try to make it please.. goodbye

  • Cook for Gordon Ramsay

  • I’ve never even tried to make any of this food. I just watch this guy cook.

  • Do oatmeal cream pie please btw love ur channel u have carried me a long way!

  • Do chicken or shrimp alfredo

  • You should cook these Anime:DoroHeDoro Gyoza the food Episode:13

  • Edit mistake. LoL

  • Is honey + chocolate really the right combo? I feel like the hazelnut baklava calls for a different syrup/sweetener.

  • what is the title of the background music?

  • Am I the only one who wants to see Andrew's watch collection? I see so many cool pieces throughout each episode, I'd love to hear him talk about them!

  • Van Gogh is all of the dislikes.

  • When's Ed's sauce

  • Please make the Slippy do a Micky from Bobs Burgers.

  • I thought my headphones broke

  • Funny. My mother made this today as I get this video recommended

  • more leftearist propaganda from those inner city liberal elites >.< ;-)

  • Its "Baklawa" Maybe start by saying it right before totally murdering it in the kitchen?

  • I feel like the soundtrack is either from a 1980’s porn or a dentist’s waiting room.

  • He didn't mess up the audio he's just whispering the recipe into our ear

  • its originally from Iran (Persia)

  • Do sticky honey roast from Genshin Impact 🖤

    • Baklava from Aladdin(original, IDK if it’s mentioned in the remake)

  • Please to make and to be making the Broodwich from ATHF pleas send thanks you

  • ok

  • That song you got playing.... straight flames!!!

  • Really wanted to try this out but the audio actually made me sick :/

  • ICHIRAKU RAMEN from Naruto next please!

  • Where's our favorite Slav to weigh in on this?

  • It's like he was really talking softly into my left ear.

  • Baklava (hazelnut, pomegrate) is featured in "The Old Guard" (avail on Netflix). If you ever need an excuse.

  • 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  • Just rapidly spin your headphones around your head.

  • Idea for next episode. Popplers from futurama.

  • Please make sushi or roasted chicken from Samurai Jack!

  • My mom and I were just discussing how much we missed eating baklava! And surprise surprise the notif came in just now.

  • please recreate something from coraline ! :)

  • Baklava from Aladdin(original, IDK if it’s mentioned in the remake)

  • When you gonna teach us on how to make crack

  • Could you please make the blue jelly krabby patty from the episode of spongebob where he finds a blue jellyfish

  • Can you make cinnamon butterscotch pie from undertale?

  • Please re do this video

  • Making baklava is my forte so watching Rhea make baklava to jazzy lo-fi music made me very relaxed and at peace amidst current politics and news. I really appreciate the mention of using the towel because that step is important because phyllo is such a pain to work with. I was about to go gung-ho if he didn’t. 2:17

  • I so wanted my right ear to hear you make baklava 😉😂

  • My left side headphone is dead, so I've just been watching him bake to chill music and no voice over ;w;

  • It’s actually called Baklawa and not Baklava. It’s a really nice middle eastern desert that is kinda traditional as well. I recommend this to everyone to try it once 😄

  • Really wanted Action Bronson to be in the vid

  • 2:00 "for when it's mentioned in a movie or TV show" so…the old guard?

  • Andy should be careful of wolves in sheep's clothing...


  • is Mr Mixey-mix Mr Mxyzptlk's cousin who went to culinary school?

  • i'm a Turkish guy and i'm offended how you didn't decorate the top with powdered pistachio... casserole wasn't a good choice for cooking this kind of a dessert, a deep tray would do better. Nice try, yours is ok tbh :)

  • love the background music, could you drop the song title

  • Hey sound guy, I came for baklava not for smooth Jazz

  • Hate u man, amazing stuff what u r doing. U were saving me during lockdown, and gonna save again as it coming again! Cheers!

  • yao i thought my speakers broken

  • I think this warrants a re-upload, for future viewers

  • Unfortunately, The Old Guard means Binging may have to revisit this delicious thing....

  • Your voice is coming only from one side.

  • Babish left ear asmr

  • audio glitch at 6:09. It's okay babish, we still love you

  • The one time I had baklava as a kid, it was really good but way too sweet for me. I couldn't finish the piece I had.

  • I'm Greek, but if Turks rise against hazelnut/chocolate baklava.... I'm with them

  • Ayye my hometown in greece is known for its baklava and tbh I've never tasted a homemade one bc everyone buys them from shops with traditional food 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Everybody talking 'bout that left ear, here's me hearing "this guy- now this guy" and thinking I skipped out into a different dimension for a sec :'D

  • Babbish why are you in my left ear?

  • This not thicclava. Babushka will be proud.

  • listens from the right ear and its a chill video.

  • Great content again. Can you do chicken liver pate next time?

  • Day 2 of asking Babish to make the sluzzle-tag feast from gumball-